Victory: Harvey Nichols Ends Foie Gras Sales!

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Following meetings with PETA – and thanks, too, to a lovely letter from Sir Roger Moore – Harvey Nichols has agreed to remove foie gras from their restaurant menus come the New Year.

The first step came in 2007 when, after meeting with PETA, Harvey Nichols agreed to remove foie gras from their department store shelves.

Selfridge’s agreed not to sell foie gras late last year, following an appeal on PETA’s behalf by our 2009 Person of the Year, Sir Roger Moore. Now we have our eye on Fortnum and Mason, which continues to serve the livers of force-fed birds.

PETA is pushing forward in our campaign to end the misery of ducks and geese who suffer so greatly for this “torture in a tin”. Although we are achieving victories, there are still millions of birds crammed into tiny pens or cages, suffering the horror of being force-fed via a tube shoved down their gullets several times a day. To help us help them and other animals who are suffering, please make a donation today.

Together, we can win for animals! Thank you.