Raising a Stink: PETA Gives Spanish Monarch Poop Over ‘Bullsh*t’ Support for Bullfights

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As King Felipe VI – whose continued attendance at bullfights has sparked intense backlash – celebrated his 56th birthday today, PETA marked the occasion by raising a stink over the monarch’s support of the vicious blood sport. We’ve sent him this beautiful gift-wrapped box filled with a steaming pile of bull poop:

As King Felipe enjoys the festivities, he’ll be reminded that he also celebrates the death of defenceless bulls who are driven to exhaustion, speared, stabbed, and slaughtered in front of bloodthirsty crowds. Together with millions of compassionate people in Spain, we are urging the king to end his support of these cruel displays.

Stabbed to Death for Human Entertainment

Every year, thousands of bulls are tormented and slaughtered at fights and festivals in Spain’s bullrings.

They are repeatedly speared and stabbed until – incapacitated by their painful injuries and exhausted from blood loss – they are killed by a sword to the heart or a knife to the spine. Matadors may even cut off bulls’ ears or tails as trophies, sometimes while the animal is still conscious.

Spaniards Are Against These Cruel Spectacles

International condemnation of bullfighting has continued to grow, and Spaniards are overwhelmingly opposed to the events – 93% of young people in Spain say they don’t support the cruel spectacles. Spanish animal protection groups recently launched a major political initiative to remove bullfighting’s “cultural heritage” designation to allow Spanish towns and regions to ban the events.

Bulls Need Your Help

Join nearly 90,000 PETA supporters by signing our petition urging Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez to ban bullfighting.

Since bullfights are often held in honour of Catholic saints or during Christian celebrations, we are also urging the Pope to condemn bull torture and cut the Catholic Church’s ties with this twisted activity. Join our campaign by signing our petition to the Pope, too: