Adorable Baby Animals to Celebrate the Start of Spring

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Spring is in the air, so celebrate new life and get your cuteness fix by feasting your eyes on these lil’ darlings.

Piglets CC0

These sweeties have beauty and brains – pigs are thought to be smarter than a 3-year-old child!

If you love pigs, you won’t enjoy this harrowing footage showing how they’re treated on UK farms.

Lamb CC0

Sheep display emotions with their ears, recognise facial expressions, communicate using a variety of vocalisations and can recognise their mothers by the sound of their bleat. Oh, and they’d prefer not to be gracing your dinner table this Easter.

Cute Chick CC0

Surprise fact: these fluffy creatures are actually the closest living relative of Tyrannosaurus rex!

Trust us – you really don’t want to know what happens to the male chicks in the egg industry.

Highland cow CC0

Baby calves are curious and inquisitive and instantly bond with their mothers. Aww.

If you like calves, you probably shouldn’t watch this sad footage showing what happens to them in the dairy industry.

Ducklings CC0

Ducks and geese are family-oriented animals, with the mother and father usually working together to bring up their ducklings.

But do those happy families get to stay together when birds are raised for meat? Not so much …

Baby goats CC0

Goats are gregarious and agile and like to climb trees for fun.

Maybe it’s best not to think about what happens to the baby boy goats on farms that produce goat cheese and milk.

Make the connection this spring between the adorable baby animals you would never, ever want to harm and the food you eat. Going vegan is all about waking up to the fact that the beautiful little lamb who tugs on your heartstrings could be the same animal you see later, dismembered and packaged in cellophane in the meat aisle of the supermarket.