VIDEO: Dead Piglets Left to Rot on British Pig Factory Farms

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Activists visited UK pig farms to see for themselves how the animals were treated. This heartbreaking video shows what they found.

On the farms in Norfolk and Yorkshire, the two eyewitnesses documented sickening conditions, including dead and bloody pigs left to rot in enclosures while live pigs were forced to step over and on top of them.

UK pig farm_piglets on grate

We’re calling on authorities to investigate some of the particular instances of cruelty evident in the video. However, we know that this is not an isolated situation – similar scenes can be witnessed on farms across the UK.

UK pig farm_pile of dead pigs

On factory farms, animals are treated as walking pieces of meat, whose only purpose is to generate profit for farmers. It’s standard practice to keep intelligent, curious pigs indoors in dark sheds for their entire short lives, to mutilate them without painkillers (for example, by cutting off their tails) and to confine mother pigs to farrowing crates so small that they can’t turn around before they give birth.

The best way to help these animals is to stop paying for this cruelty. We don’t need to eat pork or the flesh of any animal.

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