Success! ECHA Responds to Our Letter, Promises to Do More to Reduce Animal Tests

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Remember when 24,000 compassionate Europeans signed our open letter to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) asking officials to do their job and put a stop to senseless experiments on animals?

Baby Guinea PigToday, we’re pleased to let you know that we’ve just received a reply from ECHA informing us that it’s taken our demands on board.

The agency also put a statement on its website detailing how it’s going to check that companies do all that they can to avoid testing on animals and will inform the authorities of any potential breach of the law which insists that alternative methods to animals be used wherever possible. ECHA also promised to guide companies towards the many humane non-animal test methods that can be relied on to demonstrate the impact of chemicals on human beings and the environment.

ECHA is committing to change – proof that our actions are making a difference!

Many people have no idea that hundreds of thousands of animals are being poisoned as part of the European Union’s REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Assessment and Restriction of Chemicals) programme or that some companies are apparently breaking the rules which state that animals cannot be used when alternative testing methods exist.

As we pointed out in our letter, despite clear legislation stating that testing on animals must be undertaken only as “a last resort”, ECHA has had a poor track record of holding companies accountable. In response to PETA’s official complaint about avoidable animal testing, the European Ombudsman determined that ECHA has not been fully applying its authority to minimise animal experiments and should do so.

It looks like that could be about to change. Now that ECHA is taking this matter seriously and pulling its socks up, tens of thousands of animals could be spared from being used in agonising experiments. Instead, companies will be compelled to use reliable, humane, non-animal methods to test chemicals – as the law requires. PETA’s scientists will keep a watchful eye on ECHA to ensure that it delivers on its promise.

Thank you to everyone who signed the open letter. To be part of more victories for animals, please join PETA’s Action Team today.

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