Success! Philippine Airlines Stops Shipping Primates to Labs

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Philippine Airlines will no longer transport primates to laboratories to be used in cruel and deadly experiments – a policy change that could save hundreds of monkeys each year from being trafficked for animal tests.

You made this happen.

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Thousands of supporters from PETA and our international affiliates sent messages to the airline explaining that cruelty doesn’t fly – and that they would not give the company their business as long as it was facilitating atrocious experiments on primates. Volunteers from PETA Asia-Pacific also took to the street in Manila to protest outside a ticketing office. In its Facebook post about the decision, Philippine Airlines explicitly mentions campaigns by animal rights activists as an influential factor – evidence that people power really does pay off!

This victory is likely to impact the primate-experimentation industry seriously, because Philippine Airlines is believed to be the only carrier that ships monkeys from Indonesia, which is home to a large primate-breeding facility. Every year, hundreds of monkeys are exported from there to other facilities around the world. With their usual air-transportation route now shut down, experimenters will have a much tougher time getting primate “subjects” off the island and into laboratories for their cruel tests.

With your help, we’ve seen airline after airline stop transporting monkeys to laboratories. Now only two major airlines are left: China Southern Airlines (which recently went back on its word) and Air France. It’s time to up the pressure and tell these companies to get with the times and stop profiting from the torture of animals:

>>> Contact Air France

>>> Contact China Southern Airlines