Swedish Council Replaces New Year’s Fireworks With Animal-Friendly Alternative

Posted by on November 15, 2017 | Permalink

A Compassionate Action Award is on its way from PETA to Boden Council, which acted on a citizen’s request to replace this year’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display with a laser show. Council member Catarina Ask reportedly praised the laser display for being fun, less frightening to animals, and environmentally friendly.

Fireworks can be terrifying to dogs, cats, and other animals, who don’t understand that the explosions are for entertainment and not signs of danger. Rescue centres often see an increase in the number of lost animals following these displays. Many of them arrive with bloody paws, broken bones, and other injuries after panicking and climbing over fences, breaking loose from leads, or even jumping through glass windows.

Fireworks can also be harmful to humans, as many people – including children, the elderly, and individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder – are highly sensitive to noise and may be deeply disturbed by the explosions.

Fortunately, many alternatives are available, such as silent fireworks and laser shows, which deliver all the flash without the fright of conventional fireworks. PETA recently contacted several UK councils to ask them to make the switch for their Bonfire Night displays and delivered a petition to the Mayor of Bristol earlier this month with over 1,000 signatures from local residents.

What You Can Do

Other animals suffer over the Christmas and New Year period, too, such as the reindeer and penguins used in grottos and winter-wonderland attractions. Please visit our action page to find out how you can help them.