Swedish Nutrition Giant Bans Animal Testing

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The latest food brand to ban animal experiments is Semper. The Swedish food company is known for its expertise in infant nutrition, and now, following discussions with PETA US, it has committed to using exclusively superior non-animal research methods, such as in vitro, computational, clinical and other modern techniques.

PETA US first contacted Semper after learning that the company had donated food products to an outside study in which experimenters force-fed prune berries to dozens of mice, broke their necks, and removed their livers, intestines and other tissues to be frozen.

Happy mouse

The infant nutrition maker agreed that it’s shameful to torment and kill mice as well as other animals when more effective modern research methods exist – and therefore has banned non-regulatory experiments on animals. Its new testing policy states, in part:

We do not test our products or raw materials on animals, nor do we fund, commission, sponsor, or otherwise support research which includes any type of animal testing. We also insist that our suppliers use alternatives to animal testing methods.

Animals are not ours to experiment on. They feel pain and fear just as we do, and their overwhelming natural instincts – like ours – are to be free and to protect their own lives, not to be locked inside a small cage in a laboratory.

The number of people who object to animal experiments is growing all the time, as awareness increases of the exciting, progressive and effective non-animal methods of conducting science that are now available and that work to the advantage of both humans and other species. Many other food companies – including Barilla, Lipton, Kikkoman, POM Wonderful LLC, Welch’s, Ocean Spray and many more – have also established policies against funding, conducting and commissioning experiments on animals. Learn more about the alternatives to animal experiments: