Swedish Supermodel Victoria Silvstedt Wants Wild Animals in Circuses to Be Free

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Swedish supermodel and TV star Victoria Silvstedt is urging Sweden to ban circuses that use wild animals.

Victoria Silvstedt Circus Sign Model Sweden

Sweden currently bans some animal species from being exploited in circuses. But Victoria is speaking out for the animals who are still being forced to perform crude tricks for human entertainment.

In a letter written on behalf of PETA and Swedish animal-protection group Djurens Rätt to Sweden’s Minister for Rural Affairs, she says:

Sweden’s partial ban does not go far enough, since species that experience some of the worst suffering in circuses, such as elephants, sea lions and camels, are left unprotected. To force them to perform … meaningless and often uncomfortable or painful tricks, trainers use whips, muzzles, bullhooks and electric prods.

The majority of Swedish people already support a full ban on these cruel circuses, so this move would align the law with modern progressive attitudes.

Animals forced to perform demeaning tricks at circuses are often beaten into submission. When they are offstage, their lives consist of pacing around tiny cages or enclosures. No travelling circus can meet the complex needs of animals who require the opportunity to roam, play and interact in social groups. It’s time Sweden consigned this archaic form of “entertainment” to the history books.

Circus elephants

Victoria encourages circus fans to watch entertainers who have chosen to take the stage, instead of wild animals who are forced to perform:

The true spirit of the circus is best illustrated by wonderful performances by human entertainers – such as clowns and trapeze artists – not by animals whose spirits have been broken and who are forced to perform under duress.

Join Victoria, and call for a ban on wild-animal circuses by signing our petition!