PETA Taste-Tests Tesco’s Wicked Kitchen Range

Posted by on January 11, 2018 | Permalink

Tesco’s director of plant based innovation, chef Derek Sarno, paid a visit to the PETA offices this week to wow staff with the supermarket’s brand-new, flavour-packed vegan meals – spanning pizzas, noodles, pasta, wraps, sandwiches, and salads – which are now available in stores across Britain.

The Wicked Kitchen range of 20 irresistible vegan dishes has all the punch, crunch, and zing needed to satisfy hungry bellies and discerning taste buds. From pastrami-spiced carrot wraps to teriyaki noodles – and from kung fu bowls to caponata sourdough pizzas – these are the healthy, vibrant, flavoursome convenience foods that vegans, vegetarians, and all those wishing to increase their plant-food intake have long been waiting for!

As the number of vegans in the UK is increasing exponentially, Tesco has recognised that the time is right to expand its plant-based offering significantly. The Wicked Kitchen range launched on 8 January and is available in 600 stores nationwide.

The vegan movement has never been bigger and is becoming more mainstream all the time. With vegan food in supermarkets and vegan fashion on the high street, it’s easier than ever to make compassionate choices. For more tips on cruelty-free living, request a free vegan starter kit now: