The 7 Scariest Halloween Spots – for Animals

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Forget spooky graveyards and haunted houses. Here are seven real-life places that are guaranteed to make you shiver. The darkest imaginings of horror films don’t come close to some of these real-life nightmares:

  1. Britain’s Spine-Tingling Secret Vivisection Laboratories
    Square lab
    The deadly experiments on animals that go on behind closed doors in this country are like something out of Dr Frankenstein’s laboratory. Animals are caged for their entire lives; poisoned; deprived of food, water and/or sleep; subjected to psychological stress; deliberately infected with diseases; brain damaged; cut open; paralysed; surgically mutilated; burned; electrocuted and killed. A shady law keeps these tests hidden from the public, even though in some cases, public money is paying for them.
  2. A Frightening Fur Factory Farm
    Fur farm copy

    If you go down to the woods today, you might be in for a nasty surprise – at least, in Finland, Ireland, Sweden or any other country where fur farms are still legal. On these grim facilities, sheds are filled with rows upon rows of cages piled on top of one another, each containing a wild animal who is going insane from confinement. Gruesome open wounds fester on their faces and bodies. The gas chamber awaits most of them. Truly chilling.
  3. The Hellish Cargo Hold of an Air France Plane

    Imagine being abducted from your home and family, crammed into a wooden crate and loaded into the pitch-black hold of a plane on a one-way journey to hell. When you finally arrive, you find yourself in a laboratory – which you are unlikely ever to leave alive. Take action against primate trafficking.
  4. A Foul Foie Gras Farm
    Foie Gras

    Gavage, the process by which birds have metal pipes shoved down their throats and are force-fed until their livers rupture, is up there with any medieval torture technique in terms of cruelty. As for the people who then pay large amounts of money to eat the animals’ diseased organs – the phrase “flesh-eating zombie” springs to mind.
  5. Any Slaughterhouse
    Slaughter Square

    Hooks, shackles, dismembered bodies and the stench of fear and blood: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has nothing on the grisly routine atrocities that take place in the meat industry’s murder rooms.
  6. Macabre Military Training Facilities, Undisclosed European Locations
    Pigs are lined up in front of armed men in uniform. A gunshot rings out. Then another and another and another – high-velocity bullets tearing through the animals’ flesh, causing multiple bone fractures and organ failure.  British soldiers travel abroad specifically to take part in these exercises because they are too cruel to be allowed on UK soil.
  7. Soria, Spain, During the Diabolical Toro Júbilo Festival

    In something that resembles a scene from The Wicker Man, balls of tar are stuck to the horns of a frightened bull and set on fire, as part of a shameful annual “tradition” in the village of Medinaceli. In agony, the bull runs through the streets for hours as his horns, eyes and body burn.


Please spare a thought for those whose fear is real this Halloween. Then help end the nightmares by joining our Action Team and speaking out for animals:

Images 1 and 6: Jo-Anne McArthur /

Image 3: M Glasgow / CC BY 2.0

Image 7: Toro Jubilo 2011 – Medinaceli – PACMA” by PACMA Fotos / CC by 2.0