These Students Want You to Go Vegan

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PETA’s campus reps at universities across the country shared vegan meat and cheese samples with fellow students to show them that going vegan is easy-peasy and delicious – all the while reminding them that animals are individuals, not a collection of body parts to put on the grill or in the oven.

Royal Holloway

To support the campus reps in their mission, VBites generously donated vegan ham slices, hoisin duck pieces, and sage and marjoram sausages as well as its new non-dairy pepperjack cheese for passers-by to try. With so many scrumptious plant-based options available, the action aimed to get people excited about the endless benefits of going vegan – including the food!

University of Sheffield

Durham University

Durham University

Aston University

Durham University

Aston University

Who Are PETA’s Campus Reps?

PETA’s Campus Rep Programme helps university students speak up for animals and take a stand against speciesism.

This term, 13 students at 13 universities across the UK are taking action for animals through the programme. PETA provides them with materials such as leaflets, stickers, and banners, as well as giving them support and training to organise eye-catching, exciting events that get other students interested in animal rights issues.

Each term, the campus reps hold at least six outreach events to raise awareness of the abuse and exploitation of animals. Earlier this year, they shared information about the abuse of cows in the dairy industry with thousands of students.

Why Vegan?

The meat, fishing, egg, and dairy industries are a nightmare for animals, who are treated like commodities rather than sentient individuals who have the ability to feel pain, fear, and joy.

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All animals reared for food suffer. Females are repeatedly forcibly impregnated. Babies are torn away from their mothers, mutilated, and kept in filthy and severely crowded conditions. Then, often when they’re only a few months old, they endure a terrifying trip to the abattoir, where many are improperly stunned and their throats are commonly slit while they’re fully conscious.

With so many delicious and healthy plant-based options available, going vegan is now easier than ever. Order our free vegan starter kit to get more tips from PETA on eating vegan and to show that you’re serious about helping animals. Tell your friends about it, too, and persuade them to follow your example!

What You Can Do

Are you a student? Become a PETA campus rep and speak up for animals. We’re currently accepting applications for the autumn term and would love you to apply:

Apply to Become a Campus Rep

Sheffield University

If you aren’t a student but still want to stand up to speciesism, get involved in PETA’s demonstrations and campaigns and speak up for animals by joining our Action Team today.