This Is Why We’ve Just Sent Kerry McCarthy a Vegetable Bouquet

Posted by on September 17, 2015 | Permalink

Back in 2005, she was the first vegan in the House of Commons. Now, Kerry McCarthy has just been appointed as the new Shadow Secretary for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, which is great news for animals!

As someone who has chosen not to eat animals or animal products, Kerry has already shown a commitment to reducing cruelty and suffering. She’s also been involved in many animal rights campaigns. We can’t think of a parliamentarian better placed to speak out on behalf of wildlife and farmed animals.

We wanted to wish Kerry well in her new post, but for this committed plant-eater, sending flowers didn’t seem quite enough. So instead, we came up with something more unusual – an edible vegetable bouquet!

veg bouquet for Kerry McCarthy

Here’s a quick recap of some of our favourite things that Kerry has already done to help animals. We’re sure she’ll continue to advocate for compassion now that she’s on the front bench.

  • She’s taken a stand for geese.

MP Protest Foie Gras

The new cabinet minister joined PETA activists in protesting against Fortnum & Mason’s foie gras sales. Notorious for the cruel production methods involved, foie gras is no longer sold by the majority of UK retailers have already chosen to stop selling it.

  • She promoted World Vegan Month.

During World Vegan Month, along with two other vegan MPs, she encouraged the Houses of Parliament to prepare vegan meals at a number of their restaurants. This demonstrated to the whole of Westminster that vegan food can be healthy and delicious!

  • She defends badgers.


Kerry has taken a stand against the cruel and misguided badger cull:

It is clear that the Government isn’t listening to sense. There is a strong consensus amongst scientists that the badger cull would have little or no impact on levels of bovine TB, and that vaccination – of badgers and of cattle if EU approval is granted – is the way forward.

  • She votes for animals.

From debates on circuses and animal testing to the treatment of animals on farms, animals can count on this MP’s votes and voice.

  • She promotes vegan living.

In the New Statesmen, she wrote:

‘Lasting global prosperity’ can be attained only through sustainable growth – otherwise, we will simply compound current environmental and economic problems. World leaders at the G8 Summit must take into account the devastating impact of animal agriculture in order to encourage global food changes that will be the catalyst for such growth.