More British Travel Providers Are Saying ‘No’ to Animal Rides at the Pyramids in Egypt

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More and more travel companies are agreeing not to offer or promote animal rides at the Giza pyramids in Egypt. Here’s how camels are abused for rides, which companies made the compassionate decision not to promote such cruelty, and what you can do to help.

What’s Wrong With Camel Rides?

PETA Asia investigations at the pyramids of Egypt reveal extreme suffering and the subsequent death of camels and horses used for tourist rides. Watch this video to see handlers routinely beating them with sticks, whips, and other weapons.

Many animals are so emaciated that their ribs jut out through their skin, and when they collapse, they are beaten and forced to continue working. Camels often have open sores and bloody wounds, are tied up or hobbled when not being used for tourist “selfies” or rides, and are not provided with shade or water. Malnourished horses at Giza try to subsist by eating from rubbish dumps and are not provided with veterinary care – even when they have open wounds and broken legs.

At Birqash Camel Market, where camels are often sold to be used for tourist rides, the exploited animals are beaten bloody and their legs are tied so tightly with rope that they can’t even walk freely. When camels and horses are no longer able to give rides, they are dumped like rubbish or hauled to abattoirs and killed for their flesh.

These Travel Companies Do Not Offer Camel Rides at Giza

Leading the way in compassionate travel, these British travel operators do not offer or promote exploitative animal rides at the pyramids of Giza.

Abercrombie & Kent
Affordable Luxury Travel
British Airways Holidays
easyJet holidays
Exodus Adventure Travels
G Adventures
HF Holidays
Insight Vacations
Newmarket Holidays
Riviera Travel
Scott Dunn
We Are Travel Girls

Say ‘No’ to Camel Rides

You don’t have to wait until all travel operators stop promoting cruel activities that exploit camels, horses, and other animals. Be a responsible traveller and avoid all tourist traps that involve animals. Use this guide to learn more about the ways animals are abused for tourism:

While You’re Here

Please take action to help horses and camels in Egypt.


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