Why Have We Sent Hundreds of Trilingual Colouring Books to Refugee Children?

Posted by on May 23, 2016 | Permalink

One of the key principles underlying the animal rights movement is universal compassion. So we’ve decided to extend a welcome to refugee children fleeing warzones and seeking asylum in the UK, while also encouraging youngsters to be kind to animals, by donating hundreds of animal-themed colouring books to refugee day centres.

Refugee Colouring Book 3

The trilingual colouring book (in English, Arabic and Farsi) is full of child-friendly facts about animals, pictures, and quizzes and other fun activities, allowing children to improve their English and their knowledge of animals. It is designed to be both educational and fun and will hopefully offer a few hours of diversion for kids who may have been forced to leave behind everything from their former homes.

You can download a copy of the colouring book here.

This isn’t the first time that there’s been an opportunity to help both refugees and animals. Last year, after campaigns helped persuade retail giant Inditex to stop selling angora, PETA US worked with the company to help it donate tens of thousands of angora garments to refugees from Syria.

Inditex PETA Iraq Angora 1Ahmad Mousa/Demotix

Most children feel natural compassion towards animals, but teaching them about animals’ needs and that all living beings have feelings can help them grow up to be empathetic young people. We also have free educational resources for teachers who want to help foster compassion in the classroom. You can order a set of them here.