True Spanish Culture? It’s Not About Cruelty, Says Charo

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Charo CC Iconic singer, actor and comedian Charo has again revealed her compassionate side by writing to Spanish authorities on behalf of PETA asking that they reject an initiative to protect and promote bullfighting as a national cultural pastime.

As a professional entertainer and native Spaniard who made her name with her stirring interpretations of traditional flamenco music, Charo is something of an authority on Spanish culture – so she knows what she’s talking about when she declares that bullfighting does not belong in modern Spain. “I am ashamed that some in my country continue to cling to a sad chapter of our history that should have come to an end long ago. Cruelty is not culture”, she says in her letter to the Culture Committee.

As a child, Charo was taken to bullfights by her father, so she’s seen firsthand how cruel they are. In the ring, the frightened and confused bull is repeatedly stabbed with a variety of spears, spikes and daggers, causing tremendous pain and blood loss, until the matador finally drives a sword into the exhausted animal.

Tens of thousands of people around the world have been sending messages to Spanish embassies to oppose this barbaric spectacle, including Nobel Prize winner JM Coetzee. There’s not much time left before the committee makes its decision about whether to protect bullfighting – so please add your voice to the campaign now. Take Action Now Image: bradcerenzia / CC BY 2.0