This ‘Twist’ on Bullfighting Takes Cruelty to a Whole New Level

Posted by on October 14, 2016 | Permalink

This disturbing video shows people in 4x4s and on motorbikes chasing, circling, and stabbing terrified animals until they collapse.

The footage was captured by Spain’s Partido Animalista in villages in the Guadalajara region of the country.

It documents a horrific ordeal for bulls that can last for up to three hours, as they’re hounded by dozens of vehicles while villagers taunt and hurl sticks, stones, and other objects at them. When the animals are so exhausted they can no longer stand, a tractor drags them away and they are killed.

The callous participants, who are often drunk, laugh at the animals’ suffering.

Most bulls are not naturally aggressive. They are intelligent, sensitive animals who deserve better than to be taunted and tortured to death for a twisted idea of “entertainment”.

This deeply upsetting cruelty does not represent the vast majority of Spanish people, who are not remotely interested in barbaric bullfights or other so-called “traditions” that involve hurting animals. In fact, many cities and towns across Spain have already banned these types of events.

Please support Spain’s anti-bullfighting movement and help us eliminate these horrific events. Here are some things you can do:

  • If you visit Spain, never go to a bullfight or bull run.
  • If you see travel agencies advertising bullfights or events such as the Running of the Bulls, please contact them and ask them to stop promoting cruelty.
  • Sign our petition calling for a complete ban on bullfights.