Two Facing Prosecution Over Abattoir Abuse

Posted by on March 30, 2012 | Permalink

Two former Cheale Meats employees are facing prosecution for cruelty-to-animals charges following an undercover investigation by Animal Aid that exposed horrific abuse inflicted on pigs. Defra had initially refused to use the video footage to bring the perpetrators to justice, but after they were stripped of their prosecution powers, the case was able to move forward.

Piotr Andrzej Wasiuta and Kelly Smith will appear in court next month. Wasiuta faces three charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a pig by applying a lit cigarette to the animal’s snout. Smith faces four charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a pig, two charges of failing to ensure that a lame pig was not humanely slaughtered immediately and two charges relating to striking a pig with a baton. Pigs are beautiful, intelligent animals who are fully aware of their situation as they await slaughter and desperately try to escape their fate.

No animal should have to endure the imprisonment and suffering of being raised for food on today’s factory farms and the terror of slaughter in an abattoir. The best thing that you can do to help end this suffering is to go vegan. Please make the switch today.