PETA Asia Rescues Animals Affected by Typhoon Vamco

Posted by on November 25, 2020 | Permalink

After a devastating typhoon hit the Philippines last week, PETA Asia rushed to help as many animals in distress as possible.

In the worst-hit area of Dela Costa Homes in Rodriguez, Rizal, where PETA Asia’s rescue team focused its efforts, floodwaters reached as high as the first floor of some buildings.

The rescuers found petrified animals in desperate need, including dogs clinging to rooftops for safety. The team helped retrieve them and reunite them with their families.

One dog, who was rescued from a rooftop, is now being looked after at a local veterinary clinic while PETA Asia searches for his guardian.

The team also fed free-roaming animals and distributed 250 kilograms of dog food to families at three evacuation centres and those clearing mud and debris from their homes.

Urgent work like this is possible thanks to assistance from PETA’s Global Compassion Fund. It’s why PETA Asia was able to put together a search-and-response team quickly in order to rescue frightened animals.

This critically important fund also allows PETA and our affiliates to partner with effective local animal protection organisations around the world – powering everything from crucial rescue work by local groups to life-changing animal advocacy campaigns in areas where they’re needed most.

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