UK Airports Ban PETA’s Anti-Leather Ad

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“Cruelty Doesn’t Fly” – that’s the message PETA tried to place on trolleys at UK airports to inspire compassion for cows and other animals killed for fashion accessories, but airports up and down the country rejected the non-graphic image, claiming it is “political” and risks “potential negative customer reaction”.

trolley ad leather PETA

The artwork appeared on trollies at a US airport last year.


See the Individual

The public deserves to know that behind every leather bag is a sensitive individual who endured a painful death. Vegan leather doesn’t come with the emotional baggage of knowing an animal was killed for it, so we’re calling on everyone to consider the gentle cows who are carved up for leather and stick to cruelty-free carry-ons.

The Global Leather Industry

A PETA exposé of the global leather industry found that animals are exposed to the elements and denied food and water during gruelling journeys to abattoirs, where their throats are slit while they’re still conscious and able to feel pain.

Turning animals’ skin into leather requires 130 different chemicals – including cyanide – and animal agriculture, which includes the leather industry, is one of the leading contributors to the climate catastrophe.

Vegan Leather Doesn’t Have Emotional Baggage

With the global vegan leather market expected to grow to over £35 billion by 2025, there are now more sustainably produced animal-free leather options than ever, including natural fabrics made from pineapple leaves, apples, and mushrooms.

Take Action Against Leather

We must all choose when buying a new jacket or pair of shoes whether to support kindness or cruelty. Wear vegan every day to help end the global skins trade, and take action against the cruel leather industry.

Levi’s is known around the world as the original blue-jeans brand – but what many of its customers don’t realise is that cows suffer for the leather patches sewn onto the backs of its denim products. Urge the brand to switch to animal-friendly materials – which it already uses on many of its clothes.