We’re Urging the Danish Royal Family to Go Fur-Free

Posted by on December 2, 2016 | Permalink

Christmas is supposed to be a time of kindness to all, but the Danish royals have come under fire for wearing real fur on their 2016 Christmas stamp and thereby supporting the horrific fur industry.

Denmark Danish Royal Family Fur Faux Gifts

The royals’ use of seal fur in a commemorative photo shows that they’re out of touch with the modern consensus that wearing animal fur is unnecessary, cruel, and unfashionable.

Seal fur is taken from pups who are viciously killed for their skins, often by being bludgeoned to death with metal-tipped clubs. Fox and mink fur usually comes from intensively farmed animals who spend their whole lives inside tiny metal cages, frantically pacing back and forth from the stress of confinement. At the end of their short lives, they’re killed by painful methods such as anal electrocution, suffocation, or even being beaten to death.

If this cruelty isn’t reason enough to drop fur, the abundance of faux-fur alternatives means there’s no excuse for abusing animals for fashion. We’ve sent Crown Princess Mary a warm faux-fur scarf, along with mittens for Princess Josephine and a collar for Princess Isabella. The men of the family – Crown Prince Frederik, Prince Vincent, and Prince Christian – will receive faux-fur hats. With these stylish alternatives, we hope that Denmark’s royals will turn their backs on real fur and choose kinder animal-free alternatives.