We’re Urging UK Farmers to Swap Cruel Dairy Foods for Profitable Soya Milk

Posted by on April 26, 2016 | Permalink

As the price of cows’ milk continues to drop and farmers across the UK are finding the cruelly obtained foodstuff unprofitable, we’ve sent a single soya bean to heads of top UK dairy producers.

Soya Bean Dairy Letter

Milk, Müller, Arla and Meadow Foods received the soya bean along with a letter about the benefits of healthy, environmentally friendly and profitable soya milk production. Part of the letter read:

We’d like to suggest that the future of milk is green, and we urge you to help dairy farmers transition into farming soya beans, oats or other plant crops that can be turned into kinder, nutritious, delicious, pus-free non-dairy milks.

As sales of plant-based milks soar, there has never been a better time to ditch dairy foods and embrace a kinder option. Cows on dairy farms face a life of being repeatedly impregnated so that they will constantly produce milk, only to have their babies torn away from them shortly after birth. The calves are often packed off to the veal industry, living tethered up in tiny stalls until they are slaughtered a few months later. Once a mother cow’s body gives out from the constant strain, she will be shipped off to the abattoir to be turned into cheap meat.

In addition to supporting a constant cycle of cruelty to animals, drinking cows’ milk is bad for humans. It’s high in fat and can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, among other ailments. It’s so unnatural for humans to drink cows’ milk that a large number of people are intolerant to the bovine mammary secretion and must choose healthier dairy-free alternatives.

For more information on how farmers can make the transition from animal farming to plant protein agriculture and what policymakers can do to support UK farmers who are interested in growing sustainable crops, please see the Vegan Society’s “Grow Green” report.