The Vamps’ James McVey Discusses Why Chicks Dig Vegetarians

Posted by on October 7, 2016 | Permalink

As lead singer of the popular boyband The Vamps, James McVey is probably used to his share of attention – but in this new campaign, the proud vegetarian is romping with some feathered friends to encourage fans to leave animals off their plates.


In addition to starring in the new advert, James sat down for an exclusive interview with us, in which he highlights that the animals we eat are really no different from those we love. Animals on farms are intelligent and sensitive and should never be exploited for their flesh:

Chickens are intelligent animals, just like dogs and cats … they’re not animals that should be used for nuggets or drumsticks.

Animals in the meat industry typically have short, miserable lives, during which they endure cramped, squalid conditions. They’re shown no kindness or compassion and will eventually be transported to abattoirs, where their throats slit will be slit. The meat and dairy industries are by far the biggest killers of animals, slaughtering billions every year. You can help by simply not supporting this cruel trade. As James says:

There are tons of ways that we can all help animals, and I think number one should be keeping them off our plate.

Not only does going meat-free help save animals’ lives, it can also improve your health. Vegetarian or vegan eating will reduce your risk of suffering from heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, which might help you challenge James in the heartthrob stakes. We can help you get started with recipes and tips in our free vegan starter kit: