Vegan Eats and Treats – the Winner!

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And the winner of our Vegan Eats and Treats contest is …

Taeyang Jung, for his impressive Korean Kimbab and spicy courgette soup! The delicious-looking meal that he made for his girlfriend’s parents has won him a year-long subscription to TheVeganKind’s monthly Lifestyle Box.

Taeyang told us a bit about his love of vegan cooking:

I enjoy making vegan food for people and inspiring them to go vegan. I made Korean Kimbab and spicy courgette soup for my girlfriend’s parents in The Hague, the Netherlands. They particularly loved my Kimbab. It was all gone by the time I finished taking selfies!

It’s a good thing he’s now receiving a monthly box brimming with tasty treats like Alfredo mac and cheese, organic porridge, hummus chips, chilli lemon crisps, salty almond Swiss chocolate bars, and more to help him encourage others around him to try vegan. Follow him on Instagram to keep up with his creations.

Congratulations, Taeyang!

Why Eat Vegan?

The meat, fishing, egg, and dairy industries are a nightmare for animals, who are treated like “products” rather than sentient individuals who have the ability to feel pain, fear, and joy, just as we do. Learn more about the reality of animal agriculture:

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