7 Vegan Essentials for Festivals

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Festival season is upon us! Whichever of the summer’s big music events you’re heading to, these are the items that every vegan festival-goer needs to bring along:

  1. Toiletries that haven’t been tested on animals:
    Before the festival, head to animal-friendly retailers such as LUSH or The Body Shop to stock up on essentials such as dry shampoo, wet wipes, lip balm and copious amounts of sun cream.
    Lush products montage
  2. An empty tummy:
    We’ve never been to a festival that didn’t have an awesome range of vegan nom noms. Be ready to stuff your face with all the veggie burgers, falafel, curries, noodles and doughnuts you can eat.
    Vegan food at festivals
  3. Your favourite animal rights T-shirt:
    Wear your colours on your sleeve by putting on a bad-ass slogan T-shirt.
  4. Nutritious snack food:
    Whether from the mud, the all-night partying or just spending 45 minutes queuing for the loo, at some point in the weekend, your energy is going to flag. Be prepared by stashing away some nākd bars, dark chocolate, dried fruit and nuts or other morale-boosting vegan snacks.
    Nakd Bars Berry Orange
  5. Wellies:
    Pray for sunshine, but be prepared for whatever weather the British summertime throws at you. Wellies, rain jackets or even a flattering waterproof poncho are a must – and as a general rule, these items are all made without harming animals.
    Stock wellies
  6. Down-free sleeping bag:
    When they get wet, down-filled items become a soggy, useless mess. They’re also made by tearing the feathers from birds’ skin, sometimes while they’re still alive. A synthetic sleeping bag is a better choice all round.
  7. Vintage vegan fashion:
    If you’re dressing to impress, leather, fur and real feathers are all a no-no, but unleash your wild side with outfits made from animal-friendly alternatives. Tie-dye is optional.
    Ainé Carlin Vintage Dress

Of course, the most important thing to bring is your beautiful vegan self. Party sensibly, kids, and thank you for choosing a lifestyle that helps animals!

Let us know your best vegan festival tips (or food finds) by leaving a comment below.