Vegan-Friendly Travel Company Wins Compassionate Business Award

Posted by on September 9, 2014 | Permalink

Compassion may begin at home – but it’s just as important when you’re on holiday or travelling abroad. We’ve just given a Compassionate Business Award to one company that’s making it easier than ever for vegans to enjoy fantastic, animal-friendly vacations.

Veganbnb Travel offers trips to Spain and Central America that focus on fitness and creative vegan cooking. Emma Fry from Dorset initially started a vegan bed and breakfast in Málaga, Spain, which has been a smashing success with ethical travellers from around the world. Realising how much demand there was – not just in Europe but internationally – for vegan-friendly travel, she decided to create Veganbnb Travel.

The company’s trips allow travellers to experience delicious local vegan cuisine. People can visit an organic farm to take a cooking class and prepare the fresh ingredients, explore a macadamia nut farm or even hike up a volcano.

Veganbnb Travel

The vegan-friendly travel trend is growing. STA Travel, the world’s largest student travel company, has pulled promotions for cruel animal attractions, such as elephant rides and SeaWorld, and vegan restaurants are popping up everywhere, from Manila to Glasgow. Tourists today have so many opportunities available to them that it’s easy to have a vacation filled with cruelty-free memories.