Vegan Morning Sickness Solution Fit for a Princess

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Now that Prince George is expecting a sibling, the media is reporting that Kate Middleton is again suffering from severe nausea. Morning sickness affects many expectant mothers, but there’s an easy change they can make to help alleviate it. Extensive research involving tens of thousands of women shows that nausea and vomiting during pregnancy are usually linked to meat, dairy products and eggs.

Vegan Prince

According to a study by Dr Paul W Sherman, professor of neurobiology and behaviour at Cornell University in New York, and Dr Samuel M Flaxman, a University of Colorado evolutionary biologist, nausea and vomiting during pregnancy actually serve a beneficial function by causing pregnant mothers to expel meat and other foods that may contain “harmful toxins and microorganisms that could potentially sicken the woman and damage her fetus just when its organs are developing and are most vulnerable to chemicals”. The study found that the most commonly reported aversions were toward meat and eggs – the foods that are most likely to carry harmful microorganisms and parasites. This may explain why many pregnant women suddenly can’t stomach the thought of eating certain foods, such as roast beef or chicken pot pie, that they once ate.

The study also revealed that women from seven traditional societies did not suffer from morning sickness. When the researchers examined these women’s diets, they learned that in six of the societies, the women’s food was either totally or mostly vegan, with little to no meat consumed. In cultures in which more meat is consumed, women experience higher rates of morning sickness.

So upon hearing the news that Kate Middleton was struggling with morning sickness, PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk wrote to the Duchess of Cambridge with some advice and a copy of a vegan-pregnancy guide.

A vegan diet won’t just help morning sickness. A well-planned vegan diet offers everything a woman needs to be healthy during pregnancy and breastfeeding and everything a baby needs during childhood.

Whether you are pregnant or not, discover the many benefits of a vegan diet by taking our 30-day vegan pledge.