Victory! Another Airline Won’t Fly Primates to Labs

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UPDATE: China Southern Airlines has now shamefully resumed shipping primates to laboratories. This makes it, along with Air France, one of only two remaining major airlines that continue to faciliatate cruel experiments on monkeys.

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After eight months of pressure from PETA US and its supporters, the prestigious scientific journal Nature has confirmed that China Southern Airlines is no longer transporting primates to the United States for use in experiments.

Because there remain few viable options for exporting primates from China, primate breeders and experimenters are currently in a panic about how to bring monkeys into the U.S. to torment in laboratories. This victory comes after the airline cancelled a shipment of 80 monkeys to the US last August, where they were to be mutilated and killed in cruel experiments. China Southern halted the shipment after receiving thousands of e-mails and hundreds of phone calls from PETA US supporters as well as a visit to its Los Angeles office from a PETA US employee dressed in a monkey costume.

China Southern Victory

Compassion in the Skies
China Southern is China’s largest airline, and it joins Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic, among others, in refusing to transport primates to be tortured.

Getting Primates on the No-Fly List
Members of PETA US and Stop UBC Animal Research converged on the Animal Transportation Association meeting in Vancouver, Canada, on Sunday to urge the few remaining airlines that still deliver primates to desolation and torture in laboratories to stop accepting blood money and ban the practice.

What You Can Do
Help end shipments of primates to laboratories by asking this dwindling list of airlines to transport only willing passengers.