Victory! Chicken Farm and Abattoir Near Peterborough Rejected by Council

Posted by on December 14, 2017 | Permalink

Great news for chickens: a proposal for a factory farm and abattoir near Peterborough has been rejected by Huntingdonshire District Council. Nearly 4,500 PETA supporters e-mailed the council in April to urge it to reject the cruel plans.

Up to 866,000 chickens would have been sent to slaughter every year if the farm had been built. Their short lives would have been full of suffering. They’d have been crammed into barren, filthy sheds, with no opportunity to engage in natural behaviour such as foraging, roosting, or establishing a social order, and at just 42 days old, they’d have been sent to the abattoir, where they’d have faced a violent, terrifying death.

The case officer’s report on the application notes the large volume of objections received from PETA supporters, who expressed concerns about animal welfare. Objections were also raised based on several other potential negative effects on the environment and the local community, such as the ammonia emitted into the air, the noise created by the ventilation system, and the increase in traffic. Our voices were heard!

Thank you to everyone who took action and contacted Huntingdonshire District Council.

What You Can Do

Please join our Action Team if you’d like to get involved in similar campaigns in the future.

Meanwhile, the best thing you can do to help prevent chickens and other animals from suffering on farms is to go vegan. Order one of our free vegan starter kits today for more information and guidance on making the switch.