Victory for Fish – Who Are Smarter Than You Think!

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We were horrified to learn that Fish/KMI Brands recently sent a gift of live goldfish to Now magazine with the message “Love me, don’t flush me”. So I’m very happy and relieved to say that after PETA contacted Fish/KMI, it pledged never to pull such a stunt again.

This public-relations gimmick was cruel and unacceptable and must have caused great distress to the fish involved. Fish are wonderful animals and are far more clever than most people think. Hundreds of scientific studies prove that fish are interesting and intelligent individuals and that, contrary to popular belief, they have great memories! “In many areas, such as memory, their cognitive powers match or exceed those of ‘higher’ vertebrates, including non-human primates”, says Culum Brown, a University of Edinburgh biologist.

Much like people, fish are complex beings with unique personalities. They have sophisticated social structures, develop relationships and show affection by gently rubbing against each other. They also grieve when companions die. Some fish are clever enough to use tools, which is pretty impressive considering that they must use their mouths. Some even tend well-kept gardens, and they’re fussy enough to weed out what they don’t like! There’s certainly a lot more to fish than meets the eye. A recent article revealed that fish can be cunning and are even sneaky and deceptive at times!

Researchers in New Zealand have found that fish communicate with one another by using a series of “grunts, growls, chirps and pops” in order to impress members of the opposite sex, warn others of danger, give directions or even create general background chatter!

Like birds, fish need their freedom. In nature, they would have access to oceans, rivers or entire lakes. To them, a goldfish bowl must feel like a prison. Fish often die prematurely in captivity, which shows they are neither happy nor healthy in such conditions. If you do have fish, it is very important that you keep them in a large tank with lots of interesting things to do and friends to keep them company.

Thanks to PETA – which is always there for all animals, large or small – this company will never again use live fish as part of a tacky PR stunt in a misguided attempt to associate humour with its brand. If you work for a company that has used animals in a ridiculous gimmick – or know of a company that has done so – please write to it just as we did and point out why what it did is wrong.