VICTORY! Horrific Staffordshire Rabbit Farm Rejected

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This decision will prevent thousands of rabbits from being kept in cramped factory-farm cages and then killed for their flesh and skin.


Stafford Borough Council has just thrown out a planning application or a cruel intensive rabbit farm to be built in Gnosall, after more than 17,000 compassionate PETA supporters (including local celebrity Fran Healy) signed a petition against the plans. This is great news for animals and for the power of compassionate people!

The council also reported receiving a record number of objections. People in Staffordshire have made it very clear that they don’t want to see cruel rabbit farms established in their area.

The farm would have confined gentle, sociable rabbits to restrictive cages – where they would have been unable to stretch out, rear up on their hind legs, gnaw, hop, dig, or carry out any other natural behaviour essential to their well-being – before sending them to be killed.

And even though farming animals for their fur is illegal in the UK, a substantial part of this farm’s profits would have come from selling the rabbits’ skins, potentially paving the way for fur farming to sneak in through the back door.

Thank you to everyone who spoke out and helped make sure this appalling farm will not be built!

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