Victory: Indian Soap and Detergent Manufacturers Banned From Testing on Animals

Posted by on April 19, 2016 | Permalink

The Indian government has prohibited soap and detergent associations from testing on animals. Now’s the time to call on the EU to introduce a similar ban.

Victory Bunny

In the final step of a process initiated by PETA India in 2014, compassionate consumers in India will be able to shop in confidence, knowing that soaps and detergents manufactured there will not involve harming rabbits, mice or guinea pigs.

This is great news, and other countries should take note! Last year, the UK government took a small step towards ending the suffering of animals in laboratories by banning tests on animals for finished household products. However, animals may still die in cruel, painful tests for products such as detergent and air fresheners because the government continues to permit the testing of ingredients used in household products in certain circumstances.

Thousands of Brits have already joined PETA in urging the European Commission to end the suffering of animals by banning tests on animals for household products and their ingredients. You can help make it happen: