Victory! Norway’s Last Sealing Ship Has Sailed

Posted by on June 2, 2015 | Permalink

JUST IN: Norway’s last sealing ship has sailed, ending the heartless slaughter of seals in the country.

Last December, the Norwegian government axed the €1,42 million subsidy that had been propping up the dying sealing industry. This year, just one sealing ship sailed out of Tromsø, but its captain has said that he won’t make another voyage. This is good news for seals in Norwegian waters, who will no longer be shot with rifles so that their meat and skins can be sold.

This is another nail in the coffin for the dying sealing industry, following the European Union’s ban on seal-fur imports in 2010. As Russia also refuses to purchase seal fur, the industry as a whole looks set to disappear, quite simply, because nobody wants to buy its unpleasant and unethical products.

PETA US Seal DemoPETA and its international affiliates have long been vocal opponents of the barbaric seal industry and are asking Canada to stop subsidising sealers to club thousands of baby seals to death. Please help by sending a message to the Canadian government: