Victory for Pigs! Rugby Council Says No to Cruel Factory Farm

Posted by on March 5, 2018 | Permalink

An application for a cruel factory farm in Rugby, which would have condemned 2,250 pigs at a time to a life of misery and suffering, has been rejected by Rugby Borough Council. Earlier this year, PETA submitted a petition – signed by nearly 23,000 of our supporters – objecting to this horrific plan.

Pigs on UK factory farms typically live in cramped, barren sheds, where they’re denied the chance to do anything that comes naturally to them, such as playing, exploring their surroundings, foraging for food, and building nests for their offspring. Frustration and the stress of extreme confinement can drive them to engage in aggressive behaviour such as tail-biting, so farmers routinely cut off their tails and clip or grind down their sensitive teeth, often without painkillers.

These helpless animals are generally sent to slaughter when they’re just a few months old. After enduring a terrifying journey to the abattoir, they’re typically stunned with electric tongs or suffocated with carbon dioxide in a gas chamber before their throats are slit.

Thank you to everyone who signed our petition and spoke out against this cruelty.

What You Can Do

The best thing you can do to help prevent pigs and other animals from suffering on farms is to go vegan. Order one of our free vegan starter kits today for more information and guidance on making the switch.