VIDEO: PETA Supporter Rushes to Try and Help Dying Bull in Marbella Bullring

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Watch as an activist runs to try and comfort a bull as he was tormented, stabbed and maimed by bullfighters.

Amina, who lives in Spain but hails from Sweden, couldn’t just stand by and watch the bloody spectacle unfolding before her at a bullfight in Marbella in southern Spain.

Amina Bullfighting Protest

Summoning all her courage, she sprinted into the bullring to try and offer her sympathy to the animal who lay, frightened and bleeding, on the ground. She also carried a sign saying, “Stop Bullfighting”, to make sure her message was not lost on the spectators – although, as you can see in the video, the bullring was virtually empty.

She said of her exploit:

No animal should have to face an agonizing, needless death for the amusement of a crowd. I’m joining with PETA to urge caring people everywhere to end these bloody, internationally condemned events by never patronising bullfights.

During the Spanish bullfighting season, thousands of frightened bulls are killed by armed men, slowly, painfully and always in front of a jeering audience. Many humans have perished in these archaic events this year, too – at least 12 people died after being gored this summer.

We’re calling for an end to this carnage. Join us – sign our petition to the Prime Minister of Spain asking him to ban bullfights and bull runs: