Virtual Reality Exhibit Proves That Aquaria Don’t Need to Imprison Animals for Human Entertainment

Posted by on March 30, 2016 | Permalink

Following the immense public outcry over exhibits which exploit live animals, SEA LIFE London Aquarium is diving into the future with cutting-edge technology that inspires young people’s interest in animals without exploiting them.

The exhibit, in collaboration with BBC Earth, allows visitors to interact with virtual reality animals, including polar bears and an orca, without harming real animals and demonstrates that aquaria no longer need to imprison fish or other aquatic animals for human entertainment.

An exhibit with similar techonology went on display in Canada:

In recognition of the educational, animal-free exhibit, BBC Earth and the London Aquarium will receive Proggy Awards from PETA (“Proggy” is for “progress”).

From giant octopuses to tiny jellyfish, the animals who are exploited by aquaria in Britain all suffer. Instead of navigating the vast oceans, marine animals at aquaria are confined to glass tanks – where they’re exposed to flashing lights, loud noises and crowds – and denied the opportunity to express their natural behaviour. We hope this immersive augmented-reality experience ushers in a new wave of kindness for the London Aquarium and that it will phase out exhibits that exploit animals altogether in favour of the impressive technology readily available today.