WATCH: Activists Disrupt Bullfight, One Is Tackled and Kicked in Ring

Posted by on August 16, 2017 | Permalink

On Saturday, Vegan Strike Group activists leapt into the bullring after the first bullfight of the Feria de Dax in France. Exposing anti-bullfighting messages that were painted on their bodies, they made the nearly 3-metre jump into the arena to denounce the gruesome slaughter.

One of the activists, who had the words “Corrida, the shame of France” (“corrida” is French for “bullfight”) painted on his chest, can be seen being thrown to the ground and repeatedly kicked, reportedly by an organiser of the event. The activists were detained but have since been released.

Each year, thousands of bulls are barbarically slaughtered in bullrings around the world, including in France, Mexico, and Spain. The animals are often deliberately weakened before bullfights, and they never escape with their lives. Their horns are sometimes shaved down in order to disorientate them, sandbags are dropped on their backs to debilitate them, and petroleum jelly is rubbed into their eyes to blur their vision. The maimed, bewildered animals don’t stand a chance against the sword-wielding matadors, who will try to kill them slowly, prolonging their torment in order to create more of a “spectacle”. It’s apt to describe bullfighting as a “sport” for cowards.

Take a Stand for Bulls

Opposition to bullfighting is mounting, but there’s still work to be done. If you’re visiting France, Spain, or another region where the blood sport takes place, don’t buy a ticket for a bullfight. Tourism is one of the industry’s main excuses for carrying on with this abhorrent tradition. And even though most visitors who witness the cruelty of a bullfight never want to see one again, by that time, the money has been paid and the damage done.

Please also visit PETA’s Action Centre to see current action alerts about bullfighting.