Waterstones Collaborates With PETA to Promote Vegan Cookbooks

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This January, we’re collaborating with Waterstones to promote vegan cookbooks, making it easy for anyone to make the switch to plant-based eating this new year.

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As one of the biggest booksellers in the UK, with 275 stores nationwide, Waterstones’ focus on vegan cooking is sure to inspire lots of people to make a New Year’s resolution that will improve their health, help animals, and protect the environment.

The company has created a “Get Ready to Go Vegan” section on its website that features cookbooks, some information from PETA, and plant-based recipes from celebrity authors.

The promoted titles include Lucy Watson’s Feed Me Vegan, Áine Carlin’s Keep It Vegan, and Jackie Kearney’s Vegan Street Food – all winners of a PETA Vegan Food Award for Best Vegan Cookbook.

Be sure to visit the Waterstones website and tweet the company to let it know what you think of the collaboration!