We Love Lucy

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Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson knows a thing or two about glamour – and she knows there’s nothing glamorous about wearing fur. That’s why she posed au naturel for PETA’s latest ad, which she unveiled today in billboard form on the streets of Chelsea! Lucy’s look for the shoot was perfected by celebrity make-up artist, Justine Jenkins.

DSC_0322 Lucy photographers LucyWatsonFur_300

Most people are aware of some of the suffering that animals endure at the hands of the fur industry, but the reality is often even crueller than the image they hold. Natalie Imbruglia narrated a video for PETA showing how animals killed for their fur are commonly skinned alive, how mother animals who become caught in traps in the wild often chew off their own limbs in a desperate attempt to return to their babies and how 2 million cats and dogs are killed for their fur every single year in China.

It’s hardly surprising that fashion-conscious Lucy chooses to stay away from this distasteful industry. “I have always been disgusted by people’s acceptance of fur as a fashion statement, in particular as there is so much information now showing how appallingly cruel the methods of acquiring it are”, she told us. Lucy decided to do the ad to help her fellow Chelsea socialites understand that ripping animals’ skins from their backs for vanity is absolutely indefensible.

Lucy, who also helps animals by refusing to eat them, is the latest in a diverse line-up of celebs – from Alexandra Burke to Penélope Cruz – who have gone naked to show their disdain for fur.

Join them in being fur-free and proud: petauk.org/furpledge