Here’s What PETA Gave Lucy Watson and James Dunmore for Their Wedding!

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To celebrate the wedding of TV star and Lucy Watson and husband James Dunmore, we’ve presented the happy couple, who are known for their animal advocacy, with an unusual gift – a rescued donkey has been named “Jacy” in their honour! The name is a union of “James” and “Lucy”.

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Meet Jacy, the Rescued Donkey

Jacy was rescued by staff from Animal Rahat (rahat means “relief” in Hindi), which operates a beautiful sanctuary in Maharashtra, India.

Jacy was found weak and injured, having been forced to haul extremely heavy bags of sand up from the Chandrabhaga River for most of her life. Thanks to her rescuers, she will never have to toil again and will spend the rest of her days at the sanctuary, happily resting, playing, and grazing in the company of other donkeys.

Why PETA Presented the Gift to Lucy Watson and James Dunmore

Just like this beautiful couple, Jacy has a lifetime of love ahead of her. We honoured Lucy and James for their compassion and everything that they do to stand up for the vulnerable.

A long-time animal advocate and vegan, Watson previously starred in an eye-catching shoot with PETA that called attention to the cruelty inherent in the down industry, and she has promoted vegetarian eating with us in her “All Animals Have the Same Parts” campaign.

Donkeys Need Our Help Around the World

In Greece – where the couple married – many donkeys suffer as Jacy once did. On the Greek island of Santorini, a PETA exposé showed the animals tethered in the blazing sun, without access to water or shade, and forced to transport tourists up more than 500 steep steps to the old town.

Ill-fitting saddles and makeshift saddle girths made from plastic hoses chafe the animals’ sensitive skin. Most of them have skin issues, such as raw spots, or open, bloody wounds on their abdomens and at the base of their tails.

How You Can Help Donkeys

Never ride donkeys. Always choose animal-friendly entertainment and transportation options. If you go to Santorini, use the cable car to get to the old town if you don’t want to walk.

Please also take action to help ban donkey rides in Santorini.