Week of Action! Campaign for Thomas Cook to Drop SeaWorld Goes International

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The campaign urging Thomas Cook to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld picked up momentum this week with a wave of actions outside the travel provider’s stores and corporate offices across the UK and Germany.


We kicked off the week with a demonstration outside Thomas Cook’s London headquarters. Activists stood strong in the face of rain and snow, holding banners and calling out for CEO Peter Fankhauser to commit to ending his company’s support of orca abuse by dropping SeaWorld. Two of the company’s middle managers emerged from the office to speak to the activists but failed to offer any meaningful progress towards ending the company’s involvement with SeaWorld, so the protest continued.


Callers flooded Thomas Cook’s phone lines to express their disappointment that the company continues to promote SeaWorld. They reported that customer services staff were more receptive to their message than on previous days of action, suggesting that the company has realised that simply ignoring the issue and slamming the phone down on those with a concern for animals is not the way to go.



Activists took to social media to continue applying pressure to Thomas Cook. Although posting had been disabled on the company’s Facebook wall, activists were still able to reply to the company’s own posts to make it clear that they wouldn’t book a holiday with a travel provider that supports orca abuse.


The campaign went international as demonstrations took place outside Thomas Cook offices and branches in Germany – the travel provider’s second-biggest market after the UK. E-mails leaked from within the company show that these actions received the support of not only staff members but also business partners.


Campaigners took the message directly to Thomas Cook’s corporate office in Peterborough to urge staff members to do all they can to ensure that their employer drops SeaWorld. Leaflets were left on hundreds of employees’ cars, and the company desperately tried to retrieve as many as they could. Many staff members and visitors gave the campaign their full support.


Local activists demonstrated outside at least 40 Thomas Cook stores across the UK, handing out leaflets and engaging with members of the public. Here are some photos from the day:

Thank you to everyone who took part in PETA’s week of action. It’s clear that the pressure is mounting on Thomas Cook, and we’re renewing our call for its CEO to stop hiding away from this issue and to do the right thing by dropping SeaWorld.

What You Can Do

If you haven’t already done so, please send a message to Thomas Cook urging the company to sever all ties with the marine abusement park.

To keep up to date with the campaign and find out about more ways to get involved in the future, please join our Action Team today.