Which PETA Ad Will Soon Appear in Welsh Goats’ Town?

Posted by on April 30, 2020 | Permalink

Remember the delight of Llandudno locals when a tribe of mountain goats casually strolled through the deserted streets of the Welsh seaside town?

Inspired by their adventure, PETA is planning to post an ad blitz on local bus shelters once the COVID-19 lockdown is lifted. Here’s the mock-up:

The image aims to remind locals that goats are sensitive, clever individuals with unique personalities – and points out that a great way to help them is to refuse to buy cashmere.

Cashmere Is Cruel

A PETA Asia investigation into the cashmere industry found workers holding down frightened goats, who cried out in pain as their legs were twisted and their hair was torn out with sharp metal combs.

Many goats who were left bloody from the hair-removal process received no pain relief or veterinary care. Cashmere also has the highest environmental impact of any animal-derived fibre.

Goats have voracious appetites, and because they consume the roots of plants (which prevents regrowth), fragile grasslands are turning into deserts, causing dangerous pollution.

Alternatives Are Available

Since warm, stylish, vegan alternatives – including bamboo, Tencel, hemp, modal, viscose, organic cotton, and soya cashmere (which is made out of a waste product from soya-food manufacturing) – are widely available, there’s absolutely no need to support the cruel cashmere industry.

Help Goats Now

No matter where it comes from or what assurances companies give, cashmere is a product of cruelty to goats, which is rampant in the industry. Please send a message urging Madewell to ban cashmere: