Why We’ve Just Ordered 4 Gallons of Fake Blood

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This week, we’ve been experimenting with theatrical “blood”, considering the pros and cons of flesh-coloured underwear and e-mailing hundreds of people with requests that they take off their clothes in public. fake blood preparations for vegan demo Why? We’re planning one of our most daring demos yet – and if you know anything about PETA, that’s really saying something! On Saturday, 1 November – which, not by coincidence, is World Vegan Day – we’ll be staging a huge “die-in” in the middle of Trafalgar Square in order to draw the world’s attention to the 255 animals who are killed for food every single second in the UK. Hundreds of intrepid volunteers of all ages and backgrounds will be braving the elements and lying almost completely naked and covered with fake blood in a huge pile of “dead bodies” to protest the meat industry’s unrelenting massacre of animals. Demo signs arrive A few of the participants told us why they’ve decided to take a stand:

Stephanie“Throughout history, people have used nudity as a tactic to draw attention to a cause, and I’m proud to be able to use my body to bring attention to the plight of animals. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is good to us!” – Stephanie, Wolverhampton

Matthew“I hope this demonstration will propel the issues, especially that of animal suffering, to the forefront of people’s minds and convince even just a few people to think twice about their consumer habits and the industries that they support.” – Matthew, Hertfordshire

Daniella“Animal rights is my passion – I am taking part on 1 November to spread the message of veganism and raise awareness of the billions of animals needlessly killed every year. If being naked in the centre of London can help this aim, then that’s what I’ll do!” – Daniella, Livingston

This event will make headlines and go down in history as an unforgettable plea for compassion – letting the world know how many people in this country do not consent to the way animals are treated in our food system and want the bloodshed to end. There’s still time to be part of this exciting event! If you can make it to London on 1 November and are willing to show some skin to help animals, sign up here: Naked Demo Page copy