Who’s Really Responsible for Animal Euthanasia?

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In a recent article published in The Mail on Sunday, the RSPCA came under fire over claims that half the animals it rescued last year were euthanised.

Nobody wants to see healthy animals lose their lives. But given the current crisis of abandoned dogs and cats, attacking the UK’s oldest animal welfare charity for a problem that it did not create is certainly not the answer.

In a letter to the newspaper, PETA Associate Director Mimi Bekhechi had this to say:

Life is easy for those of us who do not take in abandoned dogs and cats. It’s hard to justify a holier-than-thou attitude towards those like the RSPCA that refuse to turn their backs on animals who are abandoned on motorways, left in boxes outside their doors or trapped in abusive households. Anyone with the attention span of a mayfly can acquire and then toss away a dog, cat or rabbit. The finger of blame for high levels of animal euthanasia should be pointed towards those who tut-tut but do nothing to mop up the mess. There are simply too many companion animals and not enough good homes. To help address this issue, spay or neuter your animal companions and choose to adopt, rather than buy, animals.

We can all help stop animal overpopulation and homelessness. Have you pledged to spay or neuter your companion animals yet?

Photo: Sande2