Wild-Animal Circus to Close!

Posted by on August 22, 2012 | Permalink

As you know, PETA has been working hard to get the government to introduce a complete ban on wild animals in circuses, a ban that’s overwhelmingly supported by the public and by Parliament, unlike Defra’s current unpopular plan for inspection and licensing schemes. And while we may not be quite there yet, the pressure is clearly having a big impact. According to a recent report, The Great British Circus – one of the few remaining circuses to use wild animals in the UK – will soon be going animal free because, according to an interview with ringmaster and owner Martin Lacey in Horse & Hound, he’s giving up “because the Government was seeking to ban the use of wild animals in circuses”.

By virtue of the very nature of circuses, which necessitate confining animals to cages or boxcars, forcing them to do tricks which are totally unnatural to them and denying them the opportunity to carry out their natural behaviour, animals’ needs can never be met in a circus environment.

Numerous local authorities in the UK have already instituted a ban on the use of public grounds for animal circuses. The end of wild animals in the Great British Circus is great news for animals, but it’s not yet the end of all wild-animal circuses.

Join us in asking the government to stop hiding behind fictional obstacles and deliver on its promise to “listen to the views of the House of Commons” by introducing an immediate ban on the use of all wild animals in UK circuses. Take action to protect wild animals used in circuses.