Will Giant Seal Ice Sculpture Melt Hearts?

Posted by on March 30, 2011 | Permalink

Hoping to melt the cold hearts of the pro–seal-slaughter Canadian government, today we unveiled a 2-metre-tall seal ice sculpture outside the London headquarters of the Canadian High Commission. The seal statue directed onlookers to our new website, StopTheSealSlaughter.com, where they can watch (and share) video footage of the slaughter and sign Canadian native Pamela Anderson’s petition to stop the massacre.

“Even our ice sculpture seems warm compared to Canada’s cold-blooded war on baby seals”, says our special projects coordinator, Mandy Carter. “Despite universal condemnation, Canada maintains its cavalier attitude toward the biggest massacre of marine mammals in the world.”

During the annual slaughter, hundreds of thousands of baby seals are slated to have their heads bashed in or shot. The commercial seal slaughter is an off-season profit venture for the fishing industry, and it accounts for less than 1 per cent of Newfoundland’s economy. The EU and the US have banned the import of seal products, and world leaders – including US President Barack Obama – have spoken out against the carnage. Join them and the millions of people around the world in speaking out against the slaughter by signing Pamela Anderson’s petition.