Will Playmobil Release a ‘My First Abattoir’ Toy Set?

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Last month, PETA called on Playmobil to remove the misleadingly happy-looking animal figures from its “Large Farm” toy set, as they misrepresent the reality of life for animals on farms, who endure suffering, fear, and violence.

calf removed from mother© Jo-Anne McArthur / Animal Equality

The request received no response, so today, PETA proposed that Playmobil release a “My First Abattoir” set, which would show children how cows are actually treated in the dairy industry.

As farmers send cows to slaughter once they no longer produce enough milk to be profitable, PETA’s proposed “My First Abattoir” toy includes two cow figures who have been hung upside down and their throats slit. And because male calves are considered useless to the dairy industry, the set depicts a calf who has been dumped in a wheelbarrow for disposal.

What Playmobil Isn’t Telling You

Milk production is cruel. On dairy farms, workers forcibly impregnate cows via artificial insemination, only to take their newborn babies away. Farmers then sell the milk that nature intended for calves to humans. This separation is traumatising for both mother cows and their young. The mothers have been known to bellow for days afterwards, desperately calling out for their babies.

Farmers see male calves as “by-products” with little commercial value, so most are shot at birth. Female calves, like their mothers, face a lifetime of repeated forcible impregnation and anguish over their lost babies. Their bodies will be pushed to the limit in order to squeeze out every last drop of milk.

Take Action for Cows and Calves

Playmobil may choose to turn a blind eye to the violence endured by animals on farms, but you can take action to help them. With so many delicious and healthy plant-based options available, going vegan is now easier than ever. Order our free vegan starter kit to receive tips from PETA on eating vegan. Tell your friends about it, too, and persuade them to follow your example!