WIN: Plans for Yorkshire Beagle Breeding Farm Rejected!

Posted by on November 14, 2013 | Permalink

We did it. East Riding Council in Yorkshire has just rejected the awful proposal to build a new beagle breeding facility in Grimston which would have sent thousands of puppies to suffer in painful and deadly experiments.

Dogs spared from factory farming and cruel tests

The council’s enlightened decision comes after a concerted campaign by people who care about animals. In the space of a week, almost 10,000 compassionate PETA supporters mobilised to send messages opposing the application, and it clearly paid off.

This is a significant victory for beagles. At the facility proposed by the company B & K Universal, which is a major supplier of animals to the cruel vivisection industry, up to 2,000 of these docile dogs would have had the worst of all possible lives: bred for profit on a factory farm and then sent to laboratories to be poisoned with pesticides and drugs or cut up in experiments. As anyone lucky enough to have a canine companion knows, dogs are loyal, intelligent, playful and affectionate individuals. They belong in loving homes, not in barren laboratory cages.

Today’s happy news comes hot on the heels of another brilliant victory for dogs: Bolton Council recently approved the closure of Westhaughton Greyhound Stadium, another nail in the coffin for the unethical dog-racing industry. Again, messages from concerned activists played a part in making sure that the council made the right decision for animals.

It’s inspiring to see what a difference we can make by speaking out against cruelty. A huge thank you to East Riding Council, and to everyone who helped stop this inhumane breeding facility from being built in Yorkshire.