Woohoo! Boohoo Bans Angora

Posted by on December 22, 2014 | Permalink

stock xmas bunnyAnother victory for people power in the campaign against unethical angora! In November 2013, PETA Asia’s investigation into Chinese angora farms shook the fashion world and persuaded dozens of brands, including ASOS, Forever 21, H&M and many others, to banish it from their collections. But until now, online retailer Boohoo still had no permanent policy in place banning angora. Luckily, more than 10,000 feisty PETA supporters sprang into action. After receiving a deluge of messages via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and its website from compassionate people asking it to do the right thing for bunnies (who are plucked alive or tied up and roughly sheared on angora farms), Boohoo listened. Today, it updated its animal welfare policy to include this statement:

As a result of recent investigations by PETA [Asia], which have uncovered cruel and inhumane practices during the harvesting process, boohoo has committed to a ban on the use of angora in any of its products.

Thank you to everyone who acted quickly and helped achieve this victory for animals!