Zero Grazing: Hell for Cows

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As if the suffering found on UK factory farms were not bad enough, now we’re seeing a disturbing increase in the number of applications being submitted to build huge US-style industrial factory farms. Many of these farms use zero grazing (a wholly unnatural system whereby animals rarely, or never, go outside and are fed specially grown food instead of being allowed to graze naturally on grass). As on all factory farms, animals in zero-grazing units can expect to spend their short, hellish lives in cramped, dark and filthy conditions, deprived of everything that is natural and important to them and denied the right to socialise and raise their young.

Zero grazing exacerbates the problems of disease and suffering that are found on today’s factory farms. Cows who are abused in the dairy industry and who are forced to produce unnatural quantities of milk often suffer from lameness because of the excessive size of their udders. As Nocton Dairies Ltd prepares to resubmit an application to build a mega-dairy, 8,100 cows face the prospect of living miserable lives on a zero-grazing factory farm. PETA is ready to fight this monstrous zero-grazing unit, which would be the largest in Western Europe. For animals’ sake, it cannot go ahead. Keep an eye on our website for updates and action alerts.

Further applications for zero-grazing farms are currently being considered, including one for a 1,200-cow dairy farm in Wales and another for a 26,000-pig farm in Derbyshire. If these applications are approved, these animals will face lives of intense suffering. This type of farming exploits animals to the maximum extent in order to produce high yields and increase profits for farmers. No matter what farmers might claim, animal welfare is a long way down the list of considerations. To help us stop the spread of these nightmarish farms, please join our Action Team to keep up to date with events and ways to help. The UK must halt this disturbing trend in the intensification of farming. The best thing you can do to help animals is to switch to a vegan diet. Click here to order a free vegetarian/vegan starter kit and start making a difference today.